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Networking Events

One of the most popular and useful opportunities provided by the Chamber are our networking events. This includes open house events that are hosted by a member, special focus events such as our receptions for elected and legislative days, cultural focus events, and events honoring or recognizing an achievement by our members. The events provide an opportunity to meet and connect with businesses and agencies in a relaxed and festive atmosphere, insuring that our members and community are aware of all of the possibilities, resources, and opportunities that are available to them.

The events also provide a positive and forward looking “face” of the Slavic Community, to this community and the State as a whole, highlighting the economic contributions that we are making to the region and state, reaching out to the rich diversity that is our State.

Legislative Advocacy

Every year hundreds of new bills are passed at the State and Federal level. California has a very active initiative process. Many of these have a direct impact on the economic and operational viability of our member businesses. The chamber works hard to form and maintain relationships with elected officials and their staff, to insure that the interests of our members in relation to proposed as well as existing legislation are communicated. This includes RECAP our annual Legislative Day, events honoring specific elected officials, and one on one meetings to address or resolve an area of special concern to our member. We provide ongoing education to our members regarding communicating with their elected officials at the local, state and federal level.

Education & Training

Our education and training programs provide technical assistance in areas of procurement, financing, health insurance, HR, and fiscal management.  This includes workshops on public sector procurement opportunities, assistance with qualification documents, written responses to RFQ’s and utilization of online opportunity announcements systems, such as BydSinc. We provide detailed information regarding applying for and accessing SBA loans and have as our members and sponsors banks that are committed and active SBA lenders. Health insurance has been and will be a key area of training and support that we provide our members. With the advent of the California Exchange, and specifically the SHOP program we are focusing on being out in front of all information, opportunities and challenges that will occur in the field of health insurance in the coming years.  Human Resources and employment law is a vital and complex issue, particularly in California. We provide workshops and individual advice that insures that our members can make informed decisions regarding the challenges that HR represents to any business. Many of our members represent very small business and professional corporations that do not have the luxury of in house fiscal staff. We provide resources and education to support the efforts of our members providing training in fiscal management and tax related issues.

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