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The Slavic American Chamber provides services for and facilitates the growth and success of businesses that serve the Slavic American Community throughout the State of California. This includes; connecting businesses through networking events, assisting with negotiating the regulatory environment, providing political advocacy, and providing technical assistance in areas of procurement, financing, health insurance, HR, and any other issue, current or emerging, that impacts the growth and success of our members, our community and our state.

Slavic American Chamber of Commerce Strategic Plan for 2018

The past several years have been a time of growth and energy for the Chamber. Membership has grown consistently over the years, as well as our outreach capability and participation in events. In particular, our Slavic Heritage and Annual Legislative Day consistently draws participation by elite executives and elected officeholders. And, since 2013, we have seen significant growth in our Education and Training Program, where our members have taken exceptional interest in participating.

We have made outstanding progress for this being only our ninth year of active programming. But we feel now is the time to take our organization to the next level in capacity and service to the Slavic Community in the State of California. Our goals for 2018 include:

  1. Maintain and continue the Networking Events program. Work to increase attendance and increase “open house” type events.
  2. Expand statewide outreach effort to California’s Slavic Community. Continue growing our presence beyond the Sacramento area by organizing and attending events in San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California. Develop memorandums of understanding with potential affiliates.
  3. Maintain and continue ourLegislative Advocacy program. Continuing planning ourAnnual Legislative Day, and meetings with elected officials. Increase attendance at the advocacy events.
    Partner up with other chambers and business association.
  4. Significantly expand and develop our Education and Training Program, with particular attention to two areas:
    • A.   Healthcare. Over the last four years, the primary area requiring education, information, and training has been the work and actions of Covered California, the agency implementing the Affordable Health Care Act in California. Because the majority of our members are small businesses with 1 to 50 employees, requirements for healthcare and health insurance are of paramount importance. And now that recent developments in the federal government and incoming Administration indicate potentially fundamental changes to healthcare law, it will be even more critical to continue equipping our members with the latest in information, access to resources, and updates on forthcoming proposals and their potential ramifications. Our Chamber will work very hard to provide those services in 2017.
    • B.   Financing. Our Chamber assists members with information about and connections to micro finance and other special programs of the U.S. Small Business Administration to help businesses acquire the capital they need to launch, operate, or expand. Over the last five years, this Chamber has steadfastly equipped its members with the latest information and counseling necessary to fully optimize the rebound of California’s economy. These trainings have included preparation and presentation of financials, business plan writing, market research, reporting and systems for preparing error-free documents, and general financial literacy training for small and starting businesses. Given the popularity and immediate applicability of these trainings, we look forward to continuing to expand their availability and use among our members.
  5. Develop trade delegations and continue receiving delegations. Since our Chamber’s founding nine years ago,as California’s recognized Slavic-American Chamber of Commerce, we have formally met and received members of trade and cultural delegations and exchanges from Eastern Europe and the States of the Former Soviet Union. Globalization is a reality for all businesses, not just large ones. With our family, linguistic, and cultural ties to the countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, there are significant opportunities for trade in goods as well as services.We presently have signed MOU with five chambers of commerce in Eastern European countries. We will continue working to develop and support trade delegations to these countries and look to develop training and workshop capacity for individuals from these countries in California.
  6. Significantly upgrade our capacity to use the latest in IT to serve our members. This includes a significant upgrade to our website, the utilization of webinar and video technology to distribute and record our trainings, the use of social media to communicate with our members and funding partners.
  7. Leverage grant funding. The expansion of service and commitment to our members that is planned for 2018 will require additional staff and material resources. To meet these requirements we will be identifying and applying for grant funding opportunities among our corporate, foundation, and government partners. This includes local economic development programs, Covered California and health foundation grant programs, and funds available through corporate and private foundations. Implementation of this plan will be contingent on securing the necessary financial resources.
  8. Enhance financial management and reporting. This increased level of finance and activity will require additional resources in financial management and reporting. We will contract with a CPA firm at the end of the year to perform a certified review or, if necessitated by the level of funding, a full audit.
  9. Mid-year review. The Board of Directors will during their 2018 July meeting review the status of the plan and its implementation.

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