Roman Olievskiy

Vice President, Secretary Of The Board & Co-founder

Name: Roman V. Olievskiy

Designation: Vice President, Secretary Of The Board & Co-founder

Roman Olievskiy is a successful businessman and professional in commercial transportation and logistics industry. Mr. Olievskiy is the Founder and President of Romex Transport, Inc. and Romex Transportation Services, Inc. In addition to Vice – Presidency at Slavic American Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Olievskiy serves on SMUD Community Advisory Panel (CAP), Sacramento County Sheriff Business Advisory Board which consist of representatives from Sacramento area chambers of commerce and other leading business organizations. He is also a California State Assembly Certificate of Recognition recipient of The Businesses Achievement Award, and Community Engagement Award. Mr. Olievskiy is fluent in Russian and conversational in Ukrainian and Spanish languages. He is passionate about his family, business, community and leadership.

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